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Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise 150 Minutes a Week

For the people with type 2 diabetes physical exercise is the best medicine to prevent type 2 diabetes. According to American Diabetes Association the recommended level of exercise to prevent type 2 diabetes is 150 minutes in a week or a total of two and a half hours in a week... Read More

Type 2 diabetes is also known as the Adult onset Diabetes as per the medical terms. This diabetes type 2 is a subjective kind of disorder which is generated from the increased level of blood glucose from the excretion of insulin insufficiency. This diabetes tipo 2 can be controlled by fitness exercise and through a proper diet plan which completes the nutrition and reduces the level of such diabetes 2 in the same time. Apart form it, proper medicines on a regularly basis along with it also can be effective for the diabetes typ 2.

Type 2 diabetes is different form the type 1 form. Rather there is only a little bit of change in the diabetes type 2 but then also, no major scientific changes occurred in diabetes 2. This diabetes tipo 2 can be detected by any person by several symptoms which include quick urination, thirsty and hunger tendencies too. Fatigue level is also increased with this diabetes 2. This diabetes typ 2 is different form type 1 because of its cause which affects the pancreas area. As per the studies and practical experts, a form of protein is accumulated in the area which causes this type 2 diabetes. Measures like a proper diet plan and exercise can help a lot with this diabetes type 2. Except the physical exercise and physical work, proper medication along with it will also increase the level of recovery from the diabetes tipo 2. Calcium is preferred in this stage of diabetes 2. As this diabetes typ 2 is the adverse form of type 1; hence, this diabetes typ 2 is more complex than it, yet there are some conditions in which treatment is simpler than 1st one.

The symptoms of Diabetes are

  • Polyuria
  • Polydipsia
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss

Causes which mainly responsible for type2 diabetes in living bodies

  • Lifestyle - Many factors in our life may cause for the development of type 2 Diabetes like Physical Activity, Healthy Dite, Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
  • Medical Condition - IT may possible that our health condition can be a cause for the development of Diabetes like obesity, hypertension, cholesterol etc.
  • Genetics - Its a very obvious cause to find Diabetes in a human being in genetic process from their parents.

Most of the patients of such type 2 diabetes are the adolescents and also occurs in elder age. Cure and treatment for this diabetes type 2 is simpler if detected in its initial stages. But, afterwards diabetes tipo 2 takes some time for the treatment. In initial stages cure can be done by simple medication also for the diabetes 2, but after passage of time monitoring for the testing glucose level in blood is necessary for diabetes typ 2. Hence with the above passage it can be said that, type 2 diabetes is more serious than the type 1st but cure for diabetes type 2 is simpler in initial stages. Proper medications can help a lot with diabetes tipo 2.

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